About Us

Renoshield is in development by a team of dedicated individuals who have lived through the pain and the glory of home renovations – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our mission is to build a product that supports and protects both contractors and homeowners, reducing stress and risk to make the experience as enjoyable as the end product.


Renovations are stressful. Most often these building projects involve two deeply-invested parties: contractors and homeowners. While they may appear to be on different sides, both share a common goal for the outcome; each wants a great job. For the homeowner, it’s literally where they live, where they entertain and proudly share with family and friends. For the contractor, it’s what they do: their work is their name; each project affects their reputation and can lead to future referrals – or not.


If you ask contractors and homeowners (and we did), you’ll hear of great relationships and stunning projects. There will also be the all-too-familiar stories of contractors who did not deliver what they said they would, and homeowners who did not pay the amount agreed to for work well done.


This is the stress point of the contractor homeowner relationship, and it’s precisely where Renoshield can help. The solution comes down to two words: ‘Build’ and ‘Trust’. We protect renovations and reputations by helping contractors and homeowners build a relationship on a foundation of trust.


Building beautiful bathrooms, kitchens or extensions is one thing, building relationships and reputations

is another. Renoshield’s sole reason for being is to provide a secure tool to build trust, to help ensure that contractors do their best work and deliver exactly what was agreed upon, and to help guarantee that homeowners live up to their financial obligations.


Renoshield is a venture from RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada.

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