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The Problem

Renovations are one of the biggest investments homeowners will make. Paying for renovations, however, is not easy.

Credit card fees are too high, Interac limits are too low, and cheques are outdated.

Our Solution

Renoshield brings renovation payment into the modern era.

We make it easy for homeowners to pay their contractors and for contractors to pay their sub-trades. All straight from their phone.

Why We're Better

Security is our top priority. We use technology from the Royal Bank of Canada to process your payments. This means your money receives bank level security.

Renoshield is built by a team of dedicated individuals who have lived through the pain and glory of home renovations. Our mission is to build a product that protects contractors and homeowners and simplifies home renovation payments.

Renoshield is a venture from RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada.

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